Two support program options are available for Intersect software users. These programs provide software updates, telephone support, continuing training, and other services. In addition, a custom program can be tailored to individual users' needs.

Annual Support Program

The Annual Support Program (ASP) provides for periodic updates of Intersect applications software as updates become available, as well as for automatic distribution of updated or amend state Retention Schedules published by Intersect in applicable states.

Live On-Line Support

Internet-based live training and tutorials are available as part of the Annual Support Program on request, using the Join.Me screen-sharing system.  Contact Intersect for more information.

Custom Support and Development Program

Variations in the ASP can be configured at a user's request. In addition, some users may request that software changes be made in one of the Intersect software applications to suit a particular need. In such instances, Intersect software specialists will review the user's needs and determine the feasibility of any requested changes. A pricing estimate for such customization will then be prepared for the user.

For more information on special support requests, or for on-site training, contact Intersect Systems.

On-Line Support Options     

    (Contact Intersect Systems at (972) 641-7747 or e-mail

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Support 2


Support and Training