Warranty and Returns

Warranty and Updates

Intersect Systems will correct software errors in Intersect software applications provided customer has current paid-up participation in the Annual Support Program (ASP), subject to (A) and (B) following. For customers with current ASP's, Intersect will provide annual software maintenance including software updates as such updates are available. Upgrades may include additional features or feature enhancements.

(A) Intersect Systems software applications comply with Microsoft recommendations for application installations on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7. Intersect Systems can not be responsible for correct operation in instances where the user or other software restricts execution, limits or blocks file updates or modifications, prevents installation in standard directories, or in instances where network operating systems attempt virtualization or other redirection of software applications or attempt to restrict or redirect access to files.

(B) Intersect recommends that, when a user considers changing a network operating system, or transition to a different network operating system, that all mission-critical applications be tested with any changes being considered before committing to and implementing such changes.


Once any Intersect Systems software application(s) are installed at customer site, no returns can be accepted.

On request, Intersect will provide demonstration copies of certain of the Intersect software applications for review and testing by an organization prior to any order.

If you have questions or need additional information, contact Intersect Systems.

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